Trinity has a long, rich history of parish life, with some parishioners who grew up here now bringing their grandchildren to worship and participate in our Sunday School and other children’s events.

We welcome people of all ages, occupations, backgrounds and means.  There is always so much going on at Trinity: coffee mornings, fellowship gatherings, choir rehearsals, trivia nights, book sales. It is a place where people come together to engage not only in the prayerful life of a parish, but in the joyful life of a community.

We hope you will join us!


The heart of Christ in the heart of Saint John.


As followers of Jesus Christ, to pray, love and serve in the heart of the city, with the good news of the love of God.

Core Values

  1. Being faithful to the teaching and worship of the Anglican tradition.
  2. Making a positive difference in people’s lives.
  3. Connecting with our community in meaningful ways.

Common Vision Statement for the Uptown Anglican Church

Members of Trinity Church recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting the same Vision Statement as adopted by Stone Church: The heart of Christ in the heart of Saint John. Both congregations are united in a common vision to see, reflect, and work for the revelation of the heart of Christ (and so of the Father and the Holy Spirit) in the central, uptown part of Saint John where God has placed us for His mission work.

Though we share one Vision, and we will work together in mission towards seeing the vision realized, we also embrace our separate and distinct missions to complement one another as we move forward together with our distinct histories, spiritual gifts, worship styles and work, all to the glory of God and the blessing of our beloved city.

 What does it mean that we will be walking together with Stone Church?

  1. We will be changing our service times so that our “Vicar” will be able to attend all of the services, providing pastoral continuity, and also providing greater options to people wanting to attend worship on Sundays.
  2. We will pool our resources for a unified mission effort in the Uptown, sharing the costs of John Paul Westin, new Alpha initiatives through the Chandras, and soon our parish administration, though not our other staff members who will be paid separately by each church).
  3. We will have a shared and united vision for God’s kingdom purposes for our Uptown area.
  4. We will share one common weekly Bulletin with both main services inserted. Our activities, though at different places, will be open and welcoming to all.
  5. We are not amalgamating the churches but agreeing to work closely together. So we will retain distinct parish structures (Vestry, AGM, wardens, etc.) but share one Outreach Committee and hold a combined Annual Work Plan for our shared Uptown work.
  6. We will pray for and work together with one another as two arms on the same Body, to build one another up and fulfill the mission purpose of Christ for the world  (Matthew 28:16-20).