The Community Anglican Parish Nursing Ministry is a health ministry which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit in congregations and communities.  It is a ministry that integrates faith and health.  The ministry is based on the assumption that the Church is a place of health and healing and has a role in linking faith and health.  As a non-profit ministry of Trinity Church, there is no charge.

Parish Nursing Ministry offerings include:

  • Health and Wellness Presentations
  • Home, Hospital & Nursing Home Visits
  • Developing Community Outreach
  • Information Sessions
  • Blood Pressure Clinics
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Faith and Health Confidant

Beth Lawson R.N.
Parish Nurse
(506) 642-7348

My name is Beth Lawson and I am a member of the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry.   I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many of the parishioners since becoming your parish nurse in 2005.

I have enjoyed the time I have spent with people in their homes, nursing homes, and in the hospital assessing their needs and helping them move forward. It has given me great joy to also help fulfill the mission statement of Trinity Anglican Church through our numerous outreach programs.

I look forward to helping you with any challenges you may have in the future.

The Community Anglican Parish Nursing Ministry role is to link faith and health by acting as:

  • Health Counsellor 
- On an individual basis, counsels and coaches parishioners, families, the Parish Health Ministry Team and staff
  • Health Educator 
- Plans and implements health education programs
  • Health Advocate 
- Acts as advocate/liaison for individual parishioners to access health and hospital services
  • Spiritual Counsellor 
- As part of the Ministry Team supports parishioners during illness, emotional trauma and managing life crises and changes
  • Resource Referral 
- Working with Support Ministries and the Ministry Team, develops a health resources directory
  • Coordinator, Small Groups 
- Organizes innovative health support groups that are responsive to “whole life” needs (body, mind and spirit)

This banner represents our logo:

  • The Spherical Shape:  represents a world in need of justice, peace, integrity of creation and spirituality
  • The Cross: means this is a cross-centered ministry.  The cross symbolizes Christ’s mission of love and service that Parish Nurses
  • The Dove: represents the Holy Spirit hovering over His people as He impels them to accomplish God’s will, assisting and guiding Parish Nurses in their whole person nursing care.strive to provide through faith communities.
  • The Doors: God is opening doors for Parish Nurses to promote wholeness in response to all aspects of the human condition — body, mind, and spirit — within homes, hospitals, nursing homes, congregations and committees, effective sites and opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention programs.
  • The Lines: The lines encircling the logo denote and confirm the strength of this professional specialty; Parish Nursing Practice.
  • The Colour Blue: highlights the logo, both on the cross and the areas representing water.