Trinity Parish participates in and sponsors a large variety of outreach activities and community initiatives.  Some provide opportunities for seniors to gather, others for youth, and yet others for community members who are simply seeking fellowship and company.  We come together in many combinations to eat, play, laugh, or pray together.

Below is a sample of what we offer.  Please join us.

  • Manwich  Mondays feed up to 50 kids every week from the uptown high schools
  • Community Drop In Thursdays 4-6 pm (Trinity Centre, 2nd floor)
  • Monthly breakfasts for anyone in the uptown area. Usually sausages, beans, eggs toast, cereal, juice, tea coffee, fruit. Call the parish office for dates.
  • Weekly exercise class for seniors.
  • Art Classes. All welcome. Classes given by Saint John artist Constance Wooldridge. No experience needed. All supplies provided. Check bulletin for class schedule.
  • Annual children’s Christmas party, for all children over 4 years of age from the uptown area.
  • Annual Christmas Exchange (sponsoring families by providing Christmas dinner)

Trinity also offers support for other community initiatives including:

  • Inner City Youth Programmes:  established programs in vulnerable neighbourhoods that exist to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to the children, youth and families of Saint John.
  • Uptown Food Bank
  • Safe Harbour Project