The Rector will allow nothing to prevent or unnecessarily to delay the Baptism of your child, if it is your desire that he or she should be baptized.

Baptism is the rite by which God makes us ‘children of God, members of Christ, and inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven’ (The Catechism, The Book of Common Prayer, p. 544). We are ‘born again of water and the Holy Spirit’ (St John 3:5, Baptism of Adults, BCP, p. 534). Just as responsibilities go with our birth into an earthly family, so we have responsibilities as living members of Christ. These are to renounce evil and turn away from it, to believe and trust in Christ, and to follow and obey him. To receive baptism is to accept both the great privilege of being joined to God in Christ, and the obligations which this entails.

Children and Baptism

To live in Christ we need a spiritual birth and spiritual food. Because these things are so important and necessary, they are freely available to all. They are gifts God gives freely to those who have no rights to them at all. This is wonderfully clear in the case of very small children, because no one can imagine that they have done anything to earn or deserver the new birth they receive..

Ordinarily, children have ‘godparents’ or sponsors who have been baptized themselves and are ready to make the promises of baptism on behalf of the child.

Adult Baptism

The Rector welcomes the opportunity to meet with adults who want to know more about the Christian faith and who may be interested in baptism. Whenever an adult is ready to make the promises to renounce evil, believe in Christ and follow him, a time for holy baptism can be arranged.

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