May your wedding be an occasion of great joy!  You have opened your hearts to one another and are preparing to entrust yourselves to one another for life.  You who are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26) are about to enter one of the great schools of charity, that love may grow and deepen.  In the school of Christian marriage God will give you what you need to learn to love faithfully and unselfishly, as He loves us.  In the marriage service, your natural love will be placed on a new foundation:  the love of God, which is greater and stronger and deeper than anything in either of you.  At the same time your commitment to each other will be announced to the world.

If you are interested in being married at Trinity Church, there are several steps to take first.

Note:  If neither party has been married before, a wedding needs to be arranged at least 60 days in advance.  If one party has been divorced, both will need to be involved in the worship and life of the Parish for at least six months before the date of the wedding.

God grant you many happy years together.  Be assured that our prayers and best wishes will go with you.

Parish Office: 693-8558
E-mail [email protected]

This number and e-mail will put you in touch with our Parish Administrator who will guide you through all arrangements for your wedding service including church booking and sample programs outlining the Order of Service.

Important FAQ’s regarding a Wedding at Trinity:

What is necessary to be married in the Church?

The most important thing is not something we do but something God does for us. He makes us His own children by adoption and grace in holy Baptism. At least one of you must be a Christian, baptized with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Your baptism need not have taken place in an Anglican Church. If you or your partner are not baptized, but now wish to receive God’s grace and become part of God’s family, please ask.

The next most important thing is that the two of you desire what Trinity Church has to offer – Christian marriage. As you well know, marriage is less and less common, and those who wish to be married can be married by a justice of the peace without any kind of religious ceremony at all. Our hope is to open the way to build your relationship on the deepest and
firmest foundations.

There are a number of other requirements – civil and spiritual. These include:

  • several meetings with the Rector
  • participation in the worship and life of the Parish (or
    some other, if this is not practical)
  • and a marriage license

At first sight, some or all of these requirements may seem be an unnecessary burden. However, since marriage is a life-long commitment, it is worth investing yourselves and your time in preparations. You yourselves will want to do everything you can to prepare, not only for your wedding day, but for your life together. A marriage preparation program is a very good idea. The Rector will do a little of this when he meets with you, but he is not a marriage counsellor. If you want to do more, he will be willing to help you look for programs in the Saint John area.

Why do we need to be baptized?

This is a very big question, and an important one. The Rector will be glad to talk about it and think it through with you. To try to put it in a few words, though, Christian marriage involves a relationship with Christ and his Body, the Church. The beginning of this relationship is Holy Baptism, through which God makes us His own children and so members of a spiritual family.

Do we have to belong to Trinity Church?

You need to be worshipping regularly with a Christian community. If you are not doing that now, you will be expected to come to worship at Trinity as often as you can in preparation for your marriage. The Rector will encourage you to consider making this your spiritual home.

What are the civil requirements?

Every couple must obtain a valid Marriage License. They must also complete a Marriage Registration form with the Rector. He will put this form in the mail shortly after the wedding. Bride and groom must both be eighteen years of age, or have a legal document from parents granting permission for the marriage to take place. Witnesses to a marriage must be at least nineteen years of age. More detailed information can be obtained from Service New Brunswick outlets.

Where can we find the marriage service to read it over?

You can find the service in The Book of Common Prayer, beginning on page 563. The service is online at If contemporary language is desired, the same service is available in modern language. This is basically the same service that has been used in the Church of England to marry Kings and Queens, princes, peasants and paupers for over 450 years. It has roots that go back much farther.

What about music?

Music is to be worked out in consultation and with the guidance of our organist and choirmaster, Mr. Spencer Belyea. Couples should speak directly to Mr. Belyea regarding any special music they would like to have incorporated in the ceremony. Please note that our organist is expected to play at all weddings unless alternate arrangements are made. His consent is necessary before making such arrangements. Music used at weddings should be the same sort of music used in Divine Worship at Trinity. Mr. Belyea may be reached at (506) 652-8235.

Is it possible to have the Holy Communion celebrated as part of our wedding service?

Yes! Definitely! The wedding service is meant to lead into the Communion service. The Rector would be delighted to do this.

When can we schedule a rehearsal?

The usual practice is to have a rehearsal an evening or two before the ceremony. The Parish Administrator can make sure that the Church is not in use and that the Rector is available at the time you want to hold a rehearsal. If everyone is present when the rehearsal is supposed to begin, it will ordinarily take less than an hour.

How many guests will Trinity seat?

Trinity Church seats about 650 people.

Our pews can also accommodate those with wheelchairs or walkers.

What about flowers, pictures, videos, decorations, readings, confetti, choreography?

Flowers ought not to hide the altar or any part of it. Speak to the Rector for more detailed information. Pictures are permitted when the couple arrives, when they leave, and when they are signing the necessary legal documents. People are urged not to take pictures during the service itself. An exception can be made in the case of a professional photographer hired by you, providing they can be discreet and not use a flash. If you wish to have a video taken, this can be arranged. Once again, the important thing is that the photographer not draw attention to themselves or their equipment. Decorations can be discussed with the Rector. Tacks and pins that might leave marks are not to be used on the furniture. If you want Scripture readings to accompany the service, please discuss this with the Rector. If the holy Communion is celebrated, there are readings appointed for this in the Prayer Book. Confetti is not permitted. The ‘choreography’ of the ceremony – who stands where and does what when – will all be covered at the rehearsal. If you have questions, please speak to the Rector.

Can we be married at any time?

Providing the Church is not in use at that time, and the Rector is available, generally the answer is ‘yes’. There are two seasons of the Christian year when weddings are really not appropriate, however – Advent and Lent. These are seasons of solemn prayer and fasting in preparation for Christmas and Easter, respectively. Most people want to be married in the Spring, Summer, or Autumn, so this is seldom a problem.

Can we write our own vows or use a service other than the one found in The Book of Common Prayer?

No. As mentioned earlier, if you wish to use a version of the same service but in more modern English, that is certainly possible.

What will it cost to hold a wedding at Trinity?

Basic Charge $850

This covers the use of the church, the organist and sexton’s fees for rehearsal and wedding, including the initial consultation on music. Any additional requirements will be dealt with on an individual basis. One cheque should be made payable to Trinity Church.

Note:  Where a couple are genuinely not able to pay fees, it may be possible to make other arrangements. Please speak to the Rector if you are in this position.

All fees should be paid through the Parish Office no later than 30 days before the wedding.