Trinity is blessed to have a wonderfully talented seamstress in our parish, Marie, who with just the power of suggestion has crafted a prototype of a Trinity Pew Cushion within the same day of the suggestion a week ago. To this end Marie has bartered her wholesale supplier for the best prices. The plan, if accepted by you the parishioners, would have a full-length custom fitted seat cushion with the showing fabric being a deep red with a 2” medium density foam filler.

We currently have 7 open pews on each of the centre rows and 4 open pews down to the children’s area on the north side. If we looked at these pews for now the overall costs would be as follows

Centre Pew full width $183.00 X 6 pews X 2 rows = $2,196.00

Side Pew full width $106.00 x 4 pews X 1 row = $424.00
Total cost of this initial program would be =$2,620.00

These pew cushions will provide much comfort and possibly the option of dosing off during the weekly sermon might be a possibility due to the increased comfort. In all seriousness, we are used to our creature comforts and we have moved past the day of owning a pew (paying Pew Tax) it would be advisable if we could find a way if so desired to have these funds donated and specified as such. Memorials could utilize this as a possible fund as well.

There has already been some financial interest shown. This project was presented to Vestry, Jan 19th, and they have given their unanimous agreement to proceed based upon parish support. If you are so moved, please make donations to Trinity and mark them as Pew Cushion Project. It would be great to have our open pews all cushioned by Easter this year. Let us see if we can make this a reality. This project is entirely up to the parish. For further information please contact myself (Rev Steven Scribner)